Why Cloud Mountain?

A number of years ago, when Tailgate Alaska was started, I was working on a project called MTN OPS and collaborating with talented artist Oscar Woodruff. One of the designs we came up with was called "Cloud Mountain". It was a fantasy piece - the ultimate mountain - high up in the clouds - like a snowboarders version of Mt. Olympus. Certainly the Chugach, this stretch of mountains, has played host to countless immortal feats.

Alaska, and in particular Thompson Pass - these mountains, this land - and this cabin - are my 'Cloud Mountain'  brought to life. It is not like I have had some of my best days riding here - I have had all of them here - and continue to find challenge in that incremental conquest of personal progression year after year.

When I am in this place, the awe and wonder of living flows through me and I am overcome by a peaceful sense of gratitude - and when I am far away, the memories serve as trickle charger to everyday life. Here I feel the significance of being insignificant, listening for each breath mother nature takes, in the shadow of giants.


cloudmtn (1).png



This is Cloud Mountain.