The nature of the view had me scratching my head for some time about the windows. Taking into account that seven peaks ring the horizon - and triple pane glass of any dimension costs into the thousands - per window. 

For some time I debated simply picking up a combination of picture and casement windows -from the Fairbanks Home Depot, that is until I paid a visit to all window shops, inquiring into 'orphan glass' - pieces that were mis-ordered - or never picked up. Hoffer Glass had exactly what I needed (and eventually ended up with) large triple pane picture windows made in house with argon filled tempered  glass over one inch thick. And they were 75% off. Booya.

Quickly the question shifted to - how large of a window is practical to transport and install by hand.  In the end, I believe we came pretty close - all without breaking any glass.

All in all, we put in twelve windows - two casement (crank openers) and ten picture windows - which may seem like a lot for a cabin of this size, however the magnitude of the view dictated I put in as many as possible. The living room features three large picture windows that are approximately 5x6 feet. The two horizontal windows above capture the view of Billy Mitchell from the 'kitchen.'

mark sullivan