We went back to Fairbanks and the crew regrouped and resupplied - Dustin handling an incredibly long and detailed check list. Perhaps even more impressive than actually getting all the right stuff was getting the correct quantity of each item. You see, this is a house built without a dumpster (or heavy equipment for that matter) - and everything was calculated down to the nail and board foot so nothing, especially of any value, would go to waste. This, I believe, is the way of Alaska, nothing goes to waste, and this project was no exception. 

The exterior of the frame is covered with twice kiln dried white spruce 2x8 tongue and groove, wrapping the entire wood frame, supplied by a group of sawyers who settle for nothing less than perfection in their work. For them, it's the Lord's work, and it really shows. Wires were run to electrical box cutouts and wire chases were router-ed into the exterior of the 2x8s.   Next a 3" layer of foam board wrapped the structure with any gaps filled and joints sealed with spray foam.  Vertical batten boards were attached every two feet with screws piercing the insulation, secured directly into the tongue and groove. Then the whole thing was wrapped in siding, consisting of recycled aluminum roof material and reclaimed 1x8 tongue and groove. 


mark sullivan